Mystic Mansion

4.9 ( 3959 ratings )
Juegos Acción Aventura
Desarrollador Tradewest Digital

It´s Halloween. Four friends are out to ‘trick-or-treat’ for sweets and adventures. They decide today is the day to finally enter the abandoned house their parents have always warned them of. But instead of sweets they quickly discover that the house is a haunted place full of monsters, traps and other surprises.

Now our four friends only want one thing: Escape Mystic Mansion!

• Get out of there: Help the four friends escape the haunted mansion.

• Play solo or with friends: Experience the fast-paced ‘up-to-4-player’ multi-player action.

• Choose between 4 characters: Each one is equipped with unique characteristics and abilities.

• From the haunted clock-tower to the sewers: Explore the entire mansion!

• Always a new experience: Randomly generated levels will change with every game session and keep the gameplay interesting and exciting.

• Collect power-ups and special items to help you avoid monsters and master the various obstacle courses inside and outside the Mystic Mansion!

• Dozens of achievements and many collectibles will make you want to play for hours and hours!